Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sari kuchu 2…….

Hi friends ….
How are you all?
I was little busy with marriage in our family.  So not able to post anything.
Actually I was too busy with kuchu making.  This time I have done it for the bride’s sari as well as sister in law’s and co-sister’s sari.I love to do this work. 
And obviously mine also……

 I will share the pictures with you.

Enjoy …….
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Monday, August 18, 2014

Cute Baby Ear flap Hat

Hi friends ….. 

Thank you for stopping here.

This time I  came with a cute little baby hat.

One of my cousins asked me to make a hat for her baby with ear flaps. Actually this is the first time am trying to make a hat using crochet. I searched so many patterns for the hat and finally I got one pattern. But while making because of the different size of the thread, it look so small for her. Then I added some modifications in the pattern and finally finished it. 
The hat looks like this……

After making this I have doubt that it will fit for her or not.  When she saw this she loved it very much. By God’s grace this came very good and correct fit for her.
I am so happy that she likes this hat.
You can see more exciting things in the coming post …… Wait and See…
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sold out…….

Hi friends ….
How are you doing????
Last month was very great for me because I got some order. My sister’s friends ordered 2 mobile pouches. This was my first dealing….. Am so excited …….
Okay! So today am going to share those pouches with you…..

Hope you guys enjoyed it…..
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